The perfect shape (an interview with Piet Paris)

For this article I have contacted Piet Paris, who is a fashion illustrator based in the Netherlands. He is a bespoke and really inspiring artist, who works together with multiple brands within the fashion industry, for example with Viktor&Rolf. His work is inspired by the act of creating the perfect shapes, which he combines together […]

Attack art block with a timer ⏳

The struggles of being an artist … You wake up; get ready; grab a cup of coffee. You’re filled with energy, motivation and a ton of ideas. You get behind your desk, and have never been more ready to create lots and lots of art work! You grab a piece of paper get your art […]

10 Instagram profiles every fashion illustrator should know about

There are so many great artists out there on social media. Here are some amazing Instagram profiles you definitely don’t want to miss out on! 1. Draw a dot For Marcus Kan, the founder of Draw a dot, it all started with a blog he created in late 2009 ‘Fusion of effects’. In 2011 he […]

Welcome to your new visual style guide!

Hi. Welcome to Visual Style Guide! My name is Mylena. I’m in my graduation year of art academy St. Joost in Breda, The Netherlands. At the academy I study illustration and animation. I also have a makeup artistry degree and work at a store that sells cosmetic products. I’m fascinated by illustration, fashion, cosmetics and […]

Draw inspiration from icons in fashion illustration

Two icons in fashion illustration : Piet Paris & Megan Hess To give an idea of different fashion illustration styles I’ll start this article of with two examples of icons in the fashion illustration. Piet Paris and Megan Hess both are successful illustrators with an illustration style that can clearly be identified. “Really find your […]

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