About Mylena

Mylena Sofronas is an artist, who is specialised in illustration and animation. She is currently studying Illustration/Animation at the University St. Joost in Breda, and she hopes to graduate this year. Her fascination for fashion, beauty and cosmetics leads to a very, modest, decorative illustration style. She likes making portraits and full body drawings of people. Mylena is very fascinated with urban sketching and live drawing, which conforms with her illustration style. Apart from traditional art, she also creates digital artworks, and sometimes a combination of the two. She likes to draw inspiration from fashion, pop-culture and luxury lifestyle.

VisualStyleGuide is a platform that will mainly focus on fashion illustration, whereas the articles explain different areas of developing an illustration style in the fashion industry. The blog can be devided into two main topics:  Mentorship & My art journey. Mentorship is about learning from icons in fashion illustration and My art journey is about Mylenas own illustration work and path to developing an illustration style.

“I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy creating it. ” – Mylena

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