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The perfect shape (an interview with Piet Paris)

For this article I have contacted Piet Paris, who is a fashion illustrator based in the Netherlands. He is a bespoke and really inspiring artist, who works together with multiple brands within the fashion industry, for example with Viktor&Rolf. His work is inspired by the act of creating the perfect shapes, which he combines together in his artworks. You can read more about his work in some of my other articles, which I will link at the bottom. In this article you will find an interview with Piet Paris, where he tells us about multiple aspects of his illustration style.

Illustration : Piet Paris,

The interview

  1. How would you describe your illustration style?

“My illustration style consists of leaving things out and simplifying. I combine this with a grand desire to the creation of a composition where all aspects are of equal importance. The drawing itself as well as the spaces left around it. The input of a language of shapes, which is mainly based on the most elementary principles of shapes, is always the base. Working from the Bauhaus concept fits me well. A distortion of the frog perspective or flat frontal mostly leads to good results. Color is mostly in second place, while black and white are a dominant factor within my work.”

  1. Where do you find inspiration for the shapes in your illustration work?

“I get most inspiration from the subject itself: the fashion subject. Mostly I choose one aspect from the topic. The choice is based on courage and experience and falls in line with your last question: First try to see and do as much as possible…..”

  1. Do you have any advice for starting fashion illustrators about developing their own illustration style?

“Firstly, try to see and do as much as possible. First go to a foreign country for your studies or work, create lots of work, and after that enter the market with your own work. Being your own manager and/or teacher is the hardest thing there is. Finding your own style has everything to do with self criticism, self analyzation, and perseverance. Illustration is connected to an audience or market (if not you are an artist), so look for connection to a group, or someone or something where you feel that you belong. The most important thing is of course that you have to be completely passionated for the topic: fashion design.”

“There is no elevator to succes, you’ll have to take the stairs – Zig Ziglar

I have read and seen a lot of interviews via different media and masterclasses. What I notice about them is how the successful artists all started with gaining experience in the work field and creating a lot of work. Piet Paris talks about that in the interview. Joerg Zuber, the creator of digital influencer Noonoouri, also spoke about how he worked at different studios and companies to gain experience. Fashion artist Astrid Vos worked in Paris for styling agencies for ten years and another decade for advertising companies in Amsterdam before becoming a freelance artist. So what we can learn from that is that gaining experience really benefits you in your art career. Also creating a massive amount of work is really important to becoming a successful fashion illustrator.

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