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Attack art block with a timer ⏳

The struggles of being an artist …

You wake up; get ready; grab a cup of coffee. You’re filled with energy, motivation and a ton of ideas. You get behind your desk, and have never been more ready to create lots and lots of art work! You grab a piece of paper get your art supplies and…

… stare at the blanc sheet of paper. Where to start?

This semester I experimented with using a timer while drawing. I set an alarm clock on my phone of ten minutes for each drawing. Setting an alarm clock pushed me to set the idea aside of trying to make every sketch perfect. It also helped me not to overthink every decision like what material to use and what colors. I just grabbed art supplies that I felt like using at that moment and started creating!

Don’t know what to draw? Here are some ideas!

  • Open up a magazine and draw the outfits and poses
  • Draw objects that are lying around in the room where you’re drawing.
  • Practice something, like drawing shoes or hands. Collect pictures on your phone or computer of your subject in different angles and sketch away!
  • Collect photos from social media like Instagram and Pinterest and draw portraits or create fashion sketches of the different outfits that people wear.
  • Sketch out ideas for new illustrations.

After about 100 minutes I’ll have 10 sketches, using this method. A table filled with illustrations will inspire new ideas. The 10 minute method is great for warming up to start creating and for visualizing ideas. The volume of work will also give you options to continue working on and turn into gorgeous illustrations. Sketching fast creates lively and spontaneous images and ideas.

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